Shared Sunrise Basket Hot Air Balloon Ride for one in Littleton, Colorado


If you are looking for a new adventure to face alone or with friends, now is the time to consider Littleton Hot Air Ballooning. You will have an amazing time while taking in some of the most magical views in all of the Colorado area.

Rise to New Heights with Littleton Hot Air Ballooning

Littleton Hot Air Ballooning is committed to providing balloon ride adventures to people who travel from all over the world to experience stunning views of Colorado.

Are You Ready to Make Memories in Colorado?

Watch or participate as our commercially trained and FAA certified pilots prepare the balloon for its trip across the Littleton sky, flying as high as 500 to 2000 feet above the ground. You and your guests will float carelessly with the Colorado winds as you enjoy the most memorable ride of your life.

Essential Information Hot air ballooning is a once in a lifetime experience worth having. Whether its for a romantic date or even a bucket list item, your flight will be entirely worth it at Littleton area ballooning. Gaze at the beautiful scenery, take pictures of the wonderful sights from thousands of feet in the air. Ballooning provides the participants with memories that will last forever. Experience our shared ride with friends or come solo to have an amazing adventure with other balloon enthusiasts in your area. Get your tickets today or purchase the gift that keeps on giving!
Participants This experience is good for one (1) person
Location Conveniently Located in the Littleton Colorado metro area and surrounding cities!
Duration The overall adventure is about 3.0-3.5 hours.This time is given for balloon set up, break down, the flight and the transportation to and from the launch and landing sites.
Weather Dependency Low hanging cloud cover, inclement weather such as: fog, precipitation and high wind speed at altitude may jeopardize your safety. Therefore, vendors may open or close early depending on the status of the weather. Please be aware, this may impact your scheduled time.
What to Wear Passengers should wear outdoor clothing that is comfortable for the particular season and the time of the flight. Dress for being in fields (for landing) by wearing full shoes or boots and long pants. Please NO open toed shoes, high heels or shorts or skirts. Morning flights may encounter dew or wet covered ground. For winter and cool weather flying, we recommend wearing layers of clothes. Put on as many as needed to remain comfortable. You can always remove a layer or two. It will not be noticeably colder in the balloon. If temperatures are comfortable on the ground, you should be comfortable in the air. For summer flights we suggest a hat or head covering.
Guests Guests are not permitted in the hotair balloon but can accompany our ground crew to follow you along on your adventure!
Weight Limit 150 lbs
Age Limit There are practical and physical considerations for the extremely young or old. Children must be at least seven years of age in order to fly, and at least 48 inches tall to be able to see over the basket edge.

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