Austin, Texas Sunrise Shared Hot Air Balloon Ride


Catch the beautiful cityscape of the Austin area from 500-2000 feet above the ground in this exquisite Austin Hot air ballooning experience.

Launching from locations situated in the Austin area, you will enjoy an experience provided by trained FAA-certified pilots. Meet just before sunrise or sunset to help set up the balloon or watch our experts do it while you prepare yourself for flight. In your hour of flight, you will see areas of Texas not even hikers have access to as the you witness the sun peak above the horizon. Enjoy a complimentary champagne toast and see the Earth as the eagles do. After your journey you have the option of staying to break down the balloon. Ground crews will drive you back to the start-up point. You have a new memory and possibly a new perspective on life. Join us for the trip of a lifetime that won't take a lifetime! Bring your friends and family to enjoy this thrilling and once in a lifetime experience on our shared flight, they won?t be disappointed!

Essential Information Imagine floating along the skyline, viewing the beautiful countryside from above in a colorful hot air balloon. Watching the sun on the horizon and knowing you now have an experience above the rest. At Austin area ballooning we provide our participants a once in a lifetime experience like no other. Experience our shared ride with friends or come solo to have an amazing adventure with other balloon enthusiasts in your area. Whether this be a creative date idea, a gift for a loved
Participants This experience is good for one (1) person
Location Serving the Austin Texas metro area!
Duration Total time for your experience will probably be between three and three and a half hours counting setup before, and pack-up time after the balloon ride
Weather Dependency As season changes and unforeseeable weather may occur, please be aware there may be changes to your scheduled date and time. This is for your safety as inclement weather is a hazard and will be treated as such.
What to Wear Dress comfortably for outdoor activity-wear appropriate footwear for walking in fields. Early mornings can be cool and damp- waterproof shoes will add to your comfort. Dresses, shorts, or sandals are not recommended. If bringing a camera, be sure to secure it with a strap.
Guests Guests are welcome to come and take part in the "chase" of the balloon from the ground. What an opportunity to have your guests photograph you from the ground.
Weight Limit 220 Lbs
Age Limit There are practical and physical considerations for the extremely young or old. Children must be at least seven years of age in order to fly, and at least 48 inches tall to be able to see over the basket edge.

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