Ghost Tour In Charleston South Carolina


Hearing the tales of the macabre, oddities of history, legends of pirates, the whispers of poets, their voices all still echoing loudly, wanting their stories to be told.

Experience the history of Charleston, that you won?t find written about in magazines! The Macabre Ghost Walking Tour is sure to intrigue everyone in your group. From the believers in the paranormal, to those who need the lights on when watching horror movie. This Charleston ghost tour will weave you through the gas lit streets of Charleston. Find yourself transported back in time! As the sun sets and the other worldly come out to play, let?s retrace their steps, relive their history, and pray they don?t follow us home!

All of our guides are experienced permanent guides. All guides are fully licensed by the City of Charleston and have at least two years of experience touring in Charleston. The stories that are told on the tours are of actual events in Charleston. We want you to be able to go home and research the stories that pique your interest. I started offering ghost tours in 2001, and have found that one of the biggest complaints for a night tour is not enough meat and too much ?Yeah there is a ghost here?. We paint you a picture with our words and strive to make you feel as if you are reliving the tragedy that unfolded here. All of our guides do believe in the afterlife and that there are lost souls roaming the streets of Charleston. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you will be fascinated with the details of past events in our city. I can promise you that even if you don?t believe, you will at least be intrigued and have a nice chuckle. You might just have a nightmare or too as well! Our tours are not a haunted houses, no one jumps out to scare you. But we do dive into the gore, the horror, that is our history. I hope that you join us for one of our Macabre Ghost Tours and visit Charleston in a different light!

Essential Information We invite you to come walk the streets of Charleston weathered by time and tragedy. Follow in the footsteps of Lords and Generals, murderers and thieves, slaves and the free. Take a step back in time when duels were all but law.
Participants Tickets can be purchased for up to 10 people
Location We are located Conveniently in downtown Charleston!
Duration This tour typically lasts between 1.5-2 hours beginning at 8:30 pm
Weather Dependency We conduct tours rain or shine.
What to Wear Please wear comfortable and weather appropriate clothing. High heels are not recommended.
Guests this activity is not suitable for non-paying guests
Weight Limit none
Age Limit minimum age for this tour is 7 years old

100 Block Of King St, Charleston, South Caro 29401

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