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As a beginner, we recommend you take the opportunity to enjoy learning the necessary fly fishing skills and correct fly casting techniques from a certified instructor. By selecting this course you will be avoiding the many common casting faults and frustrations experienced by so many fly fishers. For the experienced or self taught fly fisher, it may be that, over time, you have developed a whole range of common but frustrating faults in your casting style. Should you wish to improve not only your fly casting technique but your overall fly fishing skills, then let me help you identify those casting problems, and work with you to correct them. For novices and advanced fly anglers alike. Spend a few hours with a personable and professional instructor and improve your fly casting technique, add distance to your cast or put some new tricks in your casting repertoire. This hourly private instruction is intended to give personal hands-on guidance and is a great way to drop old habits and set in motion new Topics covered include fly casting instruction, equipment selection and handling, trout foods and their imitations, knot tying, presenting flies to trout, and hooking, playing and releasing fish. This class is recommended for beginning fly fishers or those wanting a structured review of basic topics. Fly fishing equipment provided or bring your own. This is a class tailored to fit both your background and your future goals in becoming a more independent fly fisher. Are you thinking of taking up fly fishing? You may have this sudden urge to want to call into your local FLY shop and buy fly fishing equipment before you've even had a casting lesson. STOP! Don't BUY anything until you've had your lesson I will provide you with everything you'll need totally free of charge for the duration of your basic instruction. This includes top quality rods, reels, fly lines, and practice flies ,all you need provide is appropriate and comfortable clothing to suit the location and weather. Why you ask? - Because you will have little or no knowledge of: ? rod actions ? ...type of fly lines suitable ? ...type of fly reel best suited to your fly line and rod and type of fishing ? ...types of flies and other essential requirements Buying the wrong equipment can be costly.
Essential Information Like all sports, whether it's fishing,skiing, golf, tennis, or shooting, qualified advice is essential to establish what type of equipment best suits you. Your instructor will explain everything you will need to know about fly rods, reels, lines, flies and a lot, lot more. We know how it is when you get the bug to just go out and buy equipment, but you would be well served to get the basics under your belt first.
Participants Pricing is per person for up to 5.
Location Lessons are held at Marlin Park a short distance from down town San Francisco!
Duration This class typically lasts 3-3.5 hours depending on travel time
Weather Dependency Fishing proceeds rain or shine, however, should there be extreme weather conditions your scheduled time may be adjusted to accomodate.
What to Wear Please wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes as well as weather appropriate outerwear. You will get wet!
Guests This activity is not available for nonpaying guests
Weight Limit None, however, must be fit enough to wade through water and have the ability to swim for safety reasons.
Age Limit We suggest that children are at least 10 years old, and have their own interest in fishing. All minors MUST be accompanied by an adult. Due to the intensity of the course, it is not recommended for younger children.

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